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Plan your wedding in a tropical paradise with Asia Leisure!

For a blissful start for a lifetime of adventure and enchantment, there is no better place to begin at than with a memorable wedding in Sri Lanka!

Our illustrious history has been decorated with captivating tales of romance for centuries from ancient realities to legendary folklore, and now the honour of hosting your precious union. An abundance of backdrops will leave you with abounding opportunities to create your dream wedding in Sri Lanka be it amidst lush gardens, mesmerising pools or the sea and sky beyond.

We truly believe your ceremony deserves the finest this island has to offer! When coupled with our famed care and warmth, your nuptials promise to be one that will always be cherished at the home of true island hospitality.

Choose our paradise isle to celebrate the love you share together while expecting nothing less than perfection on your special day! From our talented wedding planners to chefs, we are here to bring your fairy-tale wedding to life. Our well-experienced staff will be more than happy to oblige any personal requirements for an extra special experience at one of the most premier wedding hotels in Sri Lanka.

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