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Rummasala Hill

Rummassala Hill features heavily among the list of what to see in Galle. The site is connected to the Hindu epic Ramayanaya too. It is believed that Rummassala is a piece of the Himalayas that was dropped in the region by the revered monkey god Hanuman. A portion of land from the Himalayas is said to have been brought to the island by him in an attempt to find the right herbs to treat the wounds of Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s brother, who was injured during a battle against King Ravana of Sri Lanka.

The name ‘Rummassala’ is believed to be a derivation of ‘ramsaala’ which means ‘Rama’s Hall’. The hill has an incredible variety of herbs. Some even say that ‘kalu nika’, which locals believe has magical powers, can be found here!