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Meera Mosque

The Meera Masjid (Arabic for “mosque”) is a mosque located within the confines of the historical Galle Fort. According to the locals, the exquisite white structure was built 300 years ago. Having undergone refurbishment 120 years ago, this place of worship features ample amounts of space and light.

One can also appreciate hints of Dutch design which is reflected in its architecture. Take in vibrant tile work, splendid chandeliers, intricate woodwork, stained glass windows and beautiful floral designs and motifs embossed on walls. It also happens to be the largest and most well-known mosque in the area, while also featuring prominently among the list of Galle tourist places. This sacred site also offers some stunning views of the surrounding ramparts and the sea beyond. Consider taking a quick peek at the lush garden space filled with carefully tended blooms as well!