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About Asia Leisure Hotels Sri Lanka

As a progressive hotel chain and one of the best, Asia Leisure Hotels aims to harness the vibrancy of Sri Lanka’s hospitality and share it with the world.
Asia Leisure Hotels currently owns and manages five luxury resorts. The Groups core value is to stand out with unique product and service concepts to offer the best resorts in Sri Lanka. Each time you choose to stay at one of our hotels, we create a memory that lasts a lifetime. As we strive for impeccable service through the vibrancy of our team, being Sri Lankan is at the core of everything we do.

With a strong thrust on expansion, Asia Leisure Hotels is involved in multiple property development projects at present in Sri Lanka and overseas, with our first resort in the Maldives currently being built.

Why Book With Us

Some of the best things about Sri Lanka simply must be experienced first-hand. Stays at our hotels are one of them.
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Awards and Accolades

CNN Travel :- The River House is ranked by CNN Travel as a “Sexy Skinny Dip spot of the globe”
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